Work environment: 6 things you can do to create a positive space

Work environment: 6 things you can do to create a positive space

It’s common sense that in order to create a successful organisation and sustain growth, you need a content and productive workforce.

A stimulating workplace can help you achieve success and growth for the simple reason that it will motivate your employees, improve teamwork and result in increased efficiency.

Studying any team that has achieved success, whether on the sports field or other spheres, will reflect that there was a sense of purpose, a common goal, pride and a positive work culture or ethic present resulting in positive and constructive results.

So what are the actions you can take to create a positive and conducive work environment?

Recruit the right personnel

Hiring people with the “right stuff”, as they say, is critical in getting you off to a good start.
When recruiting, look for those attributes, knowledge and skills that will enhance your business.

Recruiting and selecting the right people is a topic on its own and will be dealt with later. Suffice to say that you need to allocate sufficient time and effort to find those individuals who can help you grow your business.

All too often we see employers skimping on this and hiring the first person coming through the door, only to discover later on that it was a bad choice. And, as we all know, getting rid of an unsuitable employee is not simple.

Get rid of bad apples

Get rid of those employees contaminating everyone else and causing a rot. This does not mean that you can fire employees willy-nilly. There are procedures to follow in taking action against employees who are unsuitable. This may be hard to do and might even cause some stress in the short term in the workplace so be prepared for this.

Get buy-in

In order for people to commit themselves to something they need to understand what they are committing to.

Mention was made earlier of a common goal and sense of purpose. Try to get your employees to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

When giving an instruction, rather say “let us” as opposed to “you should or you must”. It’s a simple way to create a shared goal. In simple terms, if we understand the game plan, buy into it and we know our roles, success is bound to follow.

Be open and honest

Share information with your people. No matter if the information is positive or negative.
Let them know the state of the business, the challenges you are facing and allow them to react and respond.

Develop your employees

Recruiting the right people is a good first step but it’s not enough. You need to develop and hone the skills and knowledge your people need to succeed. The fact is, people want to be developed and do good work.

Introduce training, coaching and counselling interventions to build their capacity and that of the organisation. Training is an investment in the future of your business.

Give recognition and feedback

Keep employees in the loop regarding their performance. People in general are motivated when they are given positive feedback and reinforcement.

Let them know how their performance is feeding into the organisation’s business objectives.
Showing appreciation can create enthusiasm and elevate motivation levels.

Equally it is an opportunity to also identify and address those areas of performance that are not up to scratch and to take corrective action. It’s important that you invite employees to provide feedback to you. Invite their opinions and views.

Perhaps this quote by Ty Howard best sums it up: “A workplace filled with and driven by employees with positive attitudes vibrates continually to the tune of service excellence and passionate team success.”

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