leader vs manager: what are the differences?

Leader vs Manager: 8 points of difference

Every company wants to promote employees within their business instead of looking for external talent. When a person is promoted into a role where it is required to manage people, they don’t automatically become a leader. 

Because of the differences managers are not necessarily good leaders and leaders are not necessarily good managers.  

Leader vs Manager

Leaders Managers
Leaders always think long term and do what they say. Managers often think short term, understanding the goals of team and company but will also do what they say.
Leaders inspire and engage their people in turning the vision into reality. They enable people to be part of something bigger. Leaders know that high-functioning teams can accomplish a lot more working together than individuals working on their own. Managers focus on setting, measuring and achieving goals with their team daily.
Leaders are always looking at making change even if things are working but they know their always a better way forward. Managers usually rather stick with methods what works and fine turn a structure or process.
Leaders are willing to be themselves, they are self-aware and will build their unique brand.  They are transparent in all aspects. Managers learn from others and often approach their style.
Leaders willing to try new things even if they won’t work out. Managers often minimise risks.
Leaders coach and protect their people to grow and develop them. Managers assign tasks and guide their team.
Leaders always deal with conflict in a positive way. Managers often avoid beginning involved in a conflict.
Leaders always make refer to “we” Managers can often say “I” but can also involve their team.

There are different leadership tools that a company uses to identify for succession planning purposes.  

I have worked with many leadership tools. I personally find the Drotter methodology (below) user friendly, works well and fits in with the succession planning discussions.

Drotter Methodology

leadership drotter methodology